Apply falsies in 6 easy steps

Apply Lashes in 6 Easy Steps!

Hey girl, are you struggling with your lash application? Look no further, because your besties as Sparkling Rose are here to help you!

If you're short on time, just throw on some falsies, and you're good to go! --False lashes can really be your savior and help you look put together.

It might seem like a tedious process, but we're here to help and share 6 easy steps to apply your false lashes. 

So, if you want to start wearing falsies, you'll want to keep reading!

1. Gather your supplies

Grab your lash glue

This is going to be the most important step in your lash routine. A lash application would kind of be impossible if you don't have these essentials. 

You will need: lash glue, brow scissors, tweezers and your fave pair of lashes.

2. Measure & trim each lash strip

Measure and cut your lash strip

Measure the lash strips against your actual eyelid. The lash should line up with your natural lash line. Trim off any excess (not while it's near your lid).

Be sure to trim from the outer corners (the end with the longest lashes) of the strip. You don't want to cut the inner corners because you will lose the shorter pieces.

*Start with small cuts because you don't want to over-trim your lashes
*Don't discard of the trimmed pieces. You can use them to layer up for extra volume, or apply them when you want a little more emphasis to your natural outer lashes.

3. Apply the lash glue

Apply lash glue to the strip

Taking your lash glue, carefully line the band. Be sure not to apply a huge glob, because it can leak onto the actual lash and wreak havoc. Instead of applying directly from the tube, you can apply the glue to a Q-Tip and line the band, concentrating on the inner and corners of the lash.

Once you've applied your glue to your lash, wait about 15-30 seconds before actually apply it to your lid. You want to give the lash glue some time to get tacky.

If you apply the lash while the glue is super runny, it can start getting complicated and messy. 

4. Apply your lashes

Apply your lash to your lid

You're finally ready to apply your lashes! The trick here is to grab a handheld mirror and look down (do not close your eyes!) while applying. If you look straight into the mirror, it can be hard to see where you're placing the lash. 

Now what you want to do is, take your tweezer and grab the center of the lash. Gently place the lash to the center of your lid and hold it there for a few seconds. Once the lash is secure to your lid, gently adjust the inner and outer corners and line them closely to your natural lash line. 

5. Curl your lashes

Congrats! You've successfully applied your falsies!

Now that your lashes are on, grab your fave lash curler and gently curl your lashes together to blend. You can also grab your fave eyeliner (liquid or gel) and line the band from the inner to the outer corner of your lash line.

6. Go ahead and admire your lashes

You're ready

Now that you've successfully applied your falsies, it's time to look in the mirror and admire your application!

False lashes are a great way to take your look from 0-100. Once you start wearing lashes, there's no going back!

Before and after lashes

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