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About Us

Our mission

You are beautiful and an important part of your beauty comes from within.


At Sparkling Rose, our mission is crystal clear; we're here to embolden you by celebrating the transformative magic of beauty and self-care. Through this journey, we're dedicated to kindling your inner confidence and welcoming you into our vibrant community of Beauty Rebels.


In our world, you're not just a face in the crowd; you're a star in your own right. Our vision is one where you're not just represented but celebrated, where you don't just fit in but shine brilliantly.


Sparkling Rose Cosmetics isn't just a brand; it's a reflection of your power to shatter stereotypes, rewrite the rules and become the dreamer & achiever you've always aspired to be.




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Our Values

We are standing up loud for Women everywhere and we rise by lifting others, because empowered women, empower women. We all deserve to be beautiful, and we aspire to help you feel your best self through our unique products and kind personality.


We work hard and are passionate to provide you with the best quality possible. High quality is key within our service.


We aim to create a future where you are represented and feel a sense of belonging.


A woman proud of both the beautiful and the less beautiful parts of her body, is aware of her value, feels proud of herself, celebrates her uniqueness and loves herself.


Our goal is to empower you through makeup, so you can become your truest, most beautiful self & live your best life.

Our Promise


We are vegan, meaning that none of our products, packaging or formulas contain any animal-derived ingredients.



We make makeup with love and respect for all. We promise to never test any of our products and formulas on any furry friends.